Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter Replacement

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Although you might not realize it, your Mercedes Sprinter's interior air is contaminated. Additionally, those pollutants will start to have an impact on your health if your cabin air filter isn't changed on a regular basis.

Maintaining the purity of the air inside the Mercedes Sprinter depends on the cabin air filter. However, the air in your car could start to lose its freshness when it ultimately becomes blocked with dust, grime, and other airborne debris.

Additionally, a damaged or clogged cabin air filter may result in more problems than just a musty smell inside your car. In your Mercedes Sprinter's maintenance program, changing the cabin air filter should be prioritized for a number of important reasons.

We'll go over the signs of a clogged cabin air filter in this post, as well as what happens when they do, and what you can do to fix it. To discover more, keep reading:

The Table of Content

  1. Cabin Air Filters: What Are They?
  2. Where Is the Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter Located?
  3. Mercedes Sprinters Cabin Air Filter: What Crucial Role Do They Play?
  4. How Often Should You Replace Your Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter?
  5. Symptoms of a Clogged Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter
  6. How Is Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filters Replaced?
  7. What Takes Place If a Clogged Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter Isn't Replaced?
  8. How Much Does the Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter Replacement Cost?
  9. Can I Drive My Mercedes Sprinter Without a Cabin Air Filter?
  10. Types of Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filters
  11. Does the Market Provide Any Pollen Filters?
  12. The Conclusion

1. Cabin Air Filters: What Are They?

You probably already know that your engine has an air filter, but did you also know that the Mercedes Sprinter's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system has one?

Clean side of cabin air filter

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It is frequently referred to as the cabin air filter and performs the same function for the HVAC system of your Mercedes Sprinter as the engine air filter does for the engine.

Cabin air filters are small pleated filters made of synthetic or cotton cloth with many fibers. Prior to entering the passenger compartment, external air is directed through this filter, trapping pollutants and blocking their entry.

2. Where Is the Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter Located?

The Mercedes Sprinter's cabin air filter may be found either under the glove compartment or beneath the front windshield from the engine bay. Look in the vicinity of the blower motor if you know where it is.

To reach the filter on a Mercedes Sprinter, you must first remove the glove box. The manufacturers of Mercedes cabin air filters will provide you with written instructions on how to replace the cabin air filter for your particular Mercedes Sprinter model after the filter.

Alternative options include mounting the filter below the glove box or changing the cabin filter by removing the glove box.

Frequently hidden by a cover under the front windshield from the engine compartment, the Mercedes Sprinter cabin air filter is found in these vehicles.

3. Mercedes Sprinters Cabin Air Filter: What Crucial Role Do They Play?

You must pay special attention to what goes on inside your cabin. Is your heater running efficiently? Exactly how is the air conditioning? Is the experience of driving enjoyable or a little unpleasant and stinky?

Check your Mercedes Sprinter's cabin air filter if you're experiencing smells and congestion. Cabin air filters are underappreciated heroes in the vehicle business. It manages a variety of responsibilities, including the following:

  • Helping to purge the air in the cabin of dust, bacteria, and other airborne impurities.
  • Contributes to the HVAC system of the Mercedes Sprinter's scent removal.
  • Helping to ensure enough airflow during defrosting and defogging because poor visibility out of the windshield of your Mercedes Sprinter might lead to serious driving issues.

4. How Often Should You Replace Your Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter?

You may need to clean your cabin filter more frequently if you routinely drive through cities with poor air quality or a lot of construction, go through the desert or on sandy roads, or even if you spend most of your time off-roading.

However, it is advised that you replace your cabin air filter once a year if you commute to work most days by car. The following are some cautionary signs to watch out for if you're not sure how regularly to update your filters:

Dirty side of cabin air filter

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Nonetheless, Mercedes Sprinter cabin air filters typically need to be replaced every year or every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

5. Symptoms of a Clogged Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter

Each Mercedes Sprinter features a number of essential parts that must all operate as intended to ensure the safety and comfort of the vehicle and its occupants. Its air cabin filter is one such piece of equipment that is crucial.

If your cabin air filter isn't functioning properly, your automobile might experience a number of issues. You must repair or replace the filter if you discover a problem. The following are a few of the most evident signs that the cabin air filter is broken:

1. Odd Smell Coming from Vents

If you notice an odd odor coming from the vents of your Mercedes Sprinter, it's possible that your cabin filter needs to be replaced. The inside vents of your Mercedes Sprinter might smell dirty, dusty, or foul if the filter was severely contaminated.

If you try to increase the airflow of your A/C system, this stink will spread more, making the entire vehicle uncomfortable for everyone.

2. Airflow from Vents Is Weak

This is most likely the common sign of a blocked filter. Replacement of the cabin air filter in your Mercedes Sprinter is definitely necessary if there is insufficient airflow via the cabin vents.

A clogged filter won't screen air as well as a fresh cabin air filter. Due to the constrained airflow, the Mercedes Sprinter's air conditioning system is put under more stress and your vents blow air with very little force.

3. Strange Noise from the Fan

When the air conditioner in your Mercedes Sprinter is turned on, you could only hear a faint sound of air escaping the vents. Your cabin filter and A/C system are in great shape if the fan makes a soft, clear sound.

However, if you hear or observe more blowing air, this indicates that your filter is failing. When large particles enter the air cabin filter, they not only hinder airflow and inadequate air screening but also cause a lot of noise when the air is forced through the vents.

As a result, whenever you turn on your A/C fan, a loud noise will be heard. This noise will get worse if the air filter isn't repaired.

4. Windows with Fog

Maintaining circulation inside your car and helping to remove the fog that builds up on your windows are two important functions of your cabin filter. Airflow could be hampered by a filthy air filter. The Mercedes Sprinter's system malfunctions as a result of the poor air quality and ventilation, and it becomes challenging to remove condensation from your windows.

As a result, the windows in your Mercedes Sprinter will likely remain icy or foggy for a long, which might be hazardous when driving.

Cabin air filter clogged with dust and grime

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5. Issues with the Mercedes Sprinter Heating and Cooling Systems

Replacement cabin air filters are frequently blocked. The airflow to the AC systems is reduced by this obstruction, which lowers HVAC efficiency. As a result, the cooling and heating capacity of your Mercedes Sprinter will be constrained. It will also put a lot of strain on the system, which might lead to a blowout.

In addition, less ventilation makes it more difficult to regulate the temperature inside the Mercedes Sprinter, which is uncomfortable for all passengers when the season or weather changes.

6. How Are Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filters Replaced?

The owner's manual for your Mercedes Sprinter frequently has detailed instructions for replacing the cabin air filter, but the basic steps for doing so are listed here.

1. Pop Up the Mercedes Sprinter Hood

Although your Mercedes Sprinter's cabin filter is frequently located inside, the first step in any procedure should always be to open the hood. Every car gets fresh air through the cowl at the bottom of the windshield, which houses the wipers.

Check this area quickly to make sure no branches or other objects are blocking the airflow entering your cabin. Larger debris should be picked up with your hands, and the remaining dirt should be removed using a small brush or a water spray.

2. Locate the Cabin Filter for Your Mercedes Sprinter

Consulting your owner's manual is the simplest way to locate your cabin air filter, but keep in mind that these filters are frequently found in the passenger-side floorboard area. If you can't find your owner's manual or if the instructions aren't clear.

The insertion and removal procedures may surely be found on brand-specific web forums or even in online videos. Minor disassembly, such as removing your glove box or covers beneath your dash, may be required to reach your cabin filter, although tools are very seldom required.

You've almost reached the point when you've located the filter housing. There will very definitely be a few different sorts of covers that can be lifted or slid off before you get to the filter itself.

3. Take the Old Cabin Filter Out and Replace It with a New One

A Mercedes Sprinter's cabin filter removal is in fact a straightforward process. Your new air filter may require some skill to fit because the area under your dash is so small. The ideal airflow of your filter is often indicated by an arrow; other than that, you simply need to make sure it is appropriately positioned and undamaged.

4. Restore Each Removed Component

Securing the car is crucial after installing your new air filter. After successfully assembling the filter covers, reconnect any disconnected items.

Procedure for Removing the Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter

  1. Put on your protective eyewear.
  2. Open your glove box and take everything out of it.
  3. The glove box's damper should be disconnected (there may be a screw holding the damper in place).
  4. Gently pull the glove box toward you while gripping it on all sides.
  5. Look below the glove box for the lid of the cabin air filter.
  6. To uncover the cabin air filter, gently press the tabs on either side of the lid inward.
  7. Pull the cabin filter out of the housing by tugging it in your direction.

Procedure for Installing the Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter

  1. Verify that the new and old cabin air filters have the same design by comparing them.
  2. In the housing, install the new cabin air filter. Verify that the replacement filter's airflow arrow is pointing in the appropriate direction (downward).
  3. Snap the filter cover back into position to reinstall it.
  4. Restore the glove box by fastening it in place and then pressing it into position while gently pressing it on both sides.
  5. Reattach the glove box damper to the glove box.
  6. Repack the contents of the glove box and secure it.

7. What Takes Place If a Clogged Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter Isn't Replaced?

For consistently clean and fresh air, cabin air replenishment is essential. In all but the cleanest environments, changing the filters when maintenance is required helps keep the air inside your Mercedes Sprinter clean. Any pollen, dust, trash, or other outside particles that enter the automobile without the filter end up inside. The HVAC system may get clogged and damaged if this dirt gets inside the vehicle.

If you don't replace the cabin air filter on schedule, it will become clogged with dirt and debris and reduce the system's effectiveness. Due to the weakened airflow into and out of the ducts, your interior suffers from poor air quality.

8. How Much Does the Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filter Replacement Cost?

Depending on labor expenses, replacing a Mercedes Sprinter's interior air filter typically costs $100. Depending on whether you go for a charcoal filter or a regular one, a cabin air filter can range in price from $20 to $50.

The average labor cost to change a cabin air filter is fairly modest, and the procedure is often completed in no more than 30 minutes.

Whether you decide to get a regular cabin air filter or a charcoal one will affect how much it costs. People with allergies would benefit more from charcoal filters since they filter the air more effectively.

9. Can I Drive My Mercedes Sprinter Without a Cabin Air Filter?

The cabin air filter may be taken out, although you probably won't notice a change straight immediately. But as time passes, the inside of your Mercedes Sprinter will accumulate a lot of dust, and breathing in potentially harmful unfiltered air can have negative effects on your general health.

10. Types of Mercedes Sprinter Cabin Air Filters

There are four primary categories of cabin air filters. Different types purify the air in different ways, some of which even remove smells. As follows:

1. The Particulate Cabin Air Filter

The filtering media for the particle filter is typically a porous fibrous substance.

Dust, pollen, and other particles measuring 0.3 microns and bigger are captured by it.

The most fundamental or common form of filter is the particulate filter, which does not filter out extremely small particles.

This implies that it permits the passage of smells and gaseous contaminants like carbon monoxide.

2. The Charcoal Cabin Air Filter

A particle filter is less efficient than a charcoal filter.

The primary medium is a typical porous substance, and there is a coating of charcoal to absorb minute impurities.

A surface to absorb gaseous contaminants is provided by the charcoal.

A charcoal cabin air filter also eliminates smoke and offensive aromas like exhaust fumes in addition to big particles.

3. The Activated Carbon Cabin Air Filter

A normal filtering media with a layer of activated carbon or charcoal make up an activated carbon air filter.

Simply said, activated carbon is a specific variety of charcoal with improved gas absorption abilities. Typically, the material is made by heat treating charcoal and chemically impregnating it.

By means of a process known as adsorption, these compounds provide the charcoal the ability to take smells and pollutants out of the air.

These cabin air filters are more effective at getting rid of dangerous gaseous contaminants like carbon monoxide.

Bacteria and other germs are also eliminated from the air via an activated carbon cabin air filter.

4. The Electrostatic Cabin Air Filter

To capture pollutants, this kind of filter employs a static charge.

Electrostatically charged fiber layers in the filter medium collect contaminants as the air travels through them.

Both particle matter and smells may be effectively removed using electrostatic cabin air filters. They remove all dust, pollen, spores, smoke, and odors from the air entering the cabin.

These filters also get rid of germs and smells.

11. Does the Market Provide Any Pollen Filters?

Yes, even if a Mercedes Sprinters' pollen filter isn't the most fascinating or well-liked equipment. The feature must be understood and maintained, though.

Pollen, dust, dirt, exhaust fumes, and any other airborne particles are removed by pollen filters from the air that enters the Mercedes Sprinter's interior. As a result, you and your passengers are shielded from the majority of allergens and pollutants that the Mercedes Sprinter experiences when traveling alongside other vehicles.

It comes in particularly helpful while going off-road because dust and pollen may make those with allergies or asthma quite unpleasant.

12. The Conclusion

Driving a Mercedes Sprinter with such a filthy cabin air filter is not only uncomfortable but might also be costly. Consider that the cabin air filter needs to be changed. Then, you can either perform this simple procedure on your own, or you may take your Mercedes Sprinter to a reputed store for a high-quality installation.